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    When and How.

    We started experimenting with textiles in October 2016 at our small apartment in Tampa, Florida. We spent days of cutting, sewing, and sweating to master the art of creating the best quality bandanas. With inspiration from friends, tutorial videos, social media, and followers we finally launched the finished product by November. It was inspiring to see how much support we had received in so much little time.



    Long before having the company in mind, we did not have any interest in dogs. But little did we know that one April 8, 2016 we would meet our best friend. Our little guy Apollo was born in February 8, 2016 in the streets of Tampa, Florida under heavy rain showers. After two weeks of living in pain and alone, he was picked up by a local and kept him for some time. After realizing that he could not afford to have a dog, he took Apollo to the animal intake in the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Apollo had dermatitis, ear infection, heart worms, and was scared of anyone who would try to pet him. After weeks of treatment by the incredible veterinarians of the Humane Society, he was cured from all of his illnesses. And the same day he was placed for adoption we met him. The moment we looked at him in the eyes we knew that he was the one. 



    He became our everything and today, he is the happiest and most loved dog. We love crafting our high quality bandanas as much as we love giving back. Making an impact in our community is one of our core values. At Bowow Bandanas we donate $1 from every purchase to programs that support pups in need. This way less homeless dogs live what our little guy had to pass.